Some Other Writings

Philosophy, Consciousness: “Five Properties of Consciousness” (Brief Unpublished Essay, 2024)

Philosophy, Consciousness: “Definitions for Consciousness and Awareness that Address Panpsychism’s Combination Problem” (Unpublished Article, 2024)

Philosophy, Morality: “Why Be Virtuous?” (Article in Counterpoint, 2018)

Philosophy, Morality: “Why Be Virtuous (Reprised as Why Study Scripture)?” (Talk at a Synagogue, 2018)

Philosophy, Marriage: “Some Thoughts on Marriage” (Talk at a Wedding Ceremony, 2017)

Philosophy, Religion: “Pluralism With A Proviso, Part Three” (Talk at Regional AAR Meeting, 2004)

Philosophy, Religion: “Pluralism With A Proviso, Part Two” (Talk at Regional AAR Meeting, 2003)

Philosophy, Religion: “Pluralism With A Proviso” (Talk at Regional AAR Meeting, 2002)

Philosophy, Religion: Reality and Mystical Experience (Book: Penn State University Press, 1999)

Philosophy, Religion: “Defining Mystical Experience” (Article in JAAR, 1996)

Some Short Verse: “Reflections on Being Human”

A Longer Poem: “Wisdom to Love”